Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Wish List...If You Will

For every giallo I own, I know full well there are, like, five out there just begging to unfold before my eyes.

Alas, there are many that I'm certain will slip through my fingers.  I don't have the time, money or whatever resources to track down every giallo ever made.  And, realistically, there are some that aren't worth it.  There's duds in every genre.

That said, there are a few movies I keep an eye out whenever I have the free time.  But there's always some sort of factor that keeps me from catching it.

This is a list of a few movies I've been trying to catch, to no avail.

Orchids Of Madness-A German giallo.  That's the only reason I want it.  It's a German giallo.  From the eighties.  I'm half German, and I'm a product of the eighties.  The Japanese VHS is available through  However, there are three things keeping me from getting it.  First of all, it's in German with no English whatsoever.  My German is limited to my last name and Bratwurst.  I've never watched a foreign-language film without any subtitles (at a later date, I'll post about subs).  Second, I don't own a VCR.  I would like to pick one up for cheap one of these days (and see if my Dad still has my VHS of Bloodstained Butterfly lying around), but until then, it would be kinda useless to buy a VHS tape with no VCR to play it on.  Third, it's, like, $55.  Um...I'm a student.  That's a lot of money.  If my standup career ever starts to take off, I might eventually be able to swing it.  But until then, I'll use my money know, food and gas.

Amore e Morte Nel Giardino Degli Dei (Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods)-This is just one salacious sounding giallo.  Brother-sister incest, Erika Blanc nudity, heck even the title is decadent.  This one is actually somewhat easy to find for around $10.  But it's in Italian only without subs.  My Italian is better than my German, mainly because searching for gialli requires knowing the original title.  But it's still not enough to watch a movie for two hours.  Especially since this one supposedly has craploads of twists and turns.  Hopefully some other giallo completists besides me will start getting interested in this one.  There are fansubbers out there who've made it possible for people like me to see otherwise lost gialli.  Like The Police Grope in the Dark and A.A.A. Massaggiatrice Bella Presenza Offresi...

Phantom of Death-This one is relatively easy to find.  I just haven't gotten around to it.  I should grab it soon.  If I get complacent I might not be able to find it anymore.  And this one has both Edwige Fenech and Donald Pleasence.  That automatically makes it a must.  If anyone's seen this, do they share any scenes?

Death Steps in the Dark-Again, somewhat easy to find.  Just haven't gotten around to it.

House of Good Returns-80's giallo.  Adrian Luther Smith's description is intriguing.  I don't recall seeing this anywhere, even in non-subbed form.

That's all I can think of for now.  I'll let you all go.  12 days to G-day.



  1. Yes, George. I know you wanna see Twitch of the Death Nerve...