Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Three: Eyes Behind the Wall

Available at http://www.lfvw.com/ and http://www.vsom.com/

Boy, I've been doing well with my picks so far.  Waiting for the dud that tests my ability to go the whole month through.

Eyes Behind the Wall revolves around Ivano and Olga, a couple living in a large mansion.  Ivano is a writer, confined to a wheelchair, who gets his kicks (and inspiration) by spying on Arturo, the tenant who rents another house of his.  He coerces Olga to start peeping with him.

Soon, Olga starts following him, leading to both Olga and Ivano witnessing a gay tryst between Arturo and another man.  This disgusts Olga, but Ivano wants more.  Soon Olga is forced to meet Arturo face-to-face in order to know more about him...

I expected something sleazy and cheap, but I didn't expect something so engrossing.  I knew a lot about the film going in, but still ended up surprised by the twists and turns that the plot took by the end.  Granted, a lot of it was hard to swallow.  But do we really watch gialli for the logic?

At 77 minutes, Eyes Behind the Wall is quite rushed at times.  I wonder if a longer version exists.  The Arturo/Olga interaction is quite choppy, as if some distributors thought it was too talky and took it upon themselves to whip out the scissors and get down to the action of the piece.

Anyhow, the month-long giallothon is 10% done.  If these past three nights is any indicator of how the rest of the month is gonna turn out, consider me very happy.

BTW, my amazon.com link isn't giallo-related.  But I just got this CD and I'm really digging it.  Check it out.


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  1. Dang, another one I haven't heard of. Nicely done, captain.