Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Five: Two Cats O'Nine Tails...and a Half, in Amsterdam

Figured since I was going to be doing some comedy tonight, I should check out a giallo spoof.

What was I thinking?

I guess the leads in this film, Franco and Ciccio, were really famous in the 60's.  So, of course, when the giallo craze had its first wave, they hopped on the bandwagon and did a sendup.

I'm going to assume a lot of this was lost in translation, because I didn't get a lot of it.  It was just a lot of slapstick (not very good slapstick, though) and Franco mugging for the camera.

The plot revolves around Franco and Ciccio accidentally witnessing a murder and getting sent to Amsterdam to find out who was behind it.  That's really it.  Hippies, mannequins, and some other kinds of hijinks ensue.

I'm not going to outright trash this film.  After all, comedy is subjective.  Case in point: my stuff.  Some people think I'm hilarious, others tell me that my self-deprecating humor makes them want to slit their wrists.

So I'll just leave it at this.  And make it up to myself tomorrow.