Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Italia's Next Chopped Model Week! Day 11: Nothing Underneath

Ah, the 80's and their silly Dynasty fashions.  I won't go over it again.

This one revolves around Bob, a forest ranger in Wyoming.  About the most All American job there is.  His sister Jessica is an up-and-coming model in Milan who has just graced her first cover.

Strange thing is, Bob and Jessica share a psychic link.  Whenever one's in trouble, the other senses it.  So when Bob has visions of Jessica being killed with a pair of scissors, he hops a flight to Italy to find her.

When he gets to Jessica's hotel, she's nowhere to be found, and her room is made up.  So Bob finds the local Inspector (Donald Pleasence!).  The Inspector doubts his story, but then another model is murdered with a pair of scissors.  Then another.

So who is the killer?  Is it someone who has a beef with fashion models?  Is it some renegade slasher? Does it have anything to do with a game of Russian Roulette that went horribly wrong ages ago?

This is a fun little thriller.  It goes by quickly, even upon second viewing.  Donald Pleasence is always a treat, too.  It came out during a dead period between two giallo booms, so it does have more slasher-esque moments than giallo type, as well as ample amounts of (nice) nudity.

I say check it out.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna call it a night.



  1. I dig Nothing Underneath as well. That last shot... morbid... beautiful... amazing.

  2. Agreed. Surprised the ending isn't discussed much amongst giallo fans.