Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to watching...and buying...


I'm not writing my giallo anymore.  And school's officially out.  So I'm pretty much just working.  And getting started on finding a job outside of retail.

In the next few days I will be able to relax and watch some gialli again.

Also bought a few more: Bad Inclination, Body Puzzle, and Sotto il Vestito Niente-L'ultima Sfilata (Nothing Underneath: The Final Show).  Bringing the total to 105.

Sotto...and my previous purchase of Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods are both special purchases because they are not English friendly in any way.  Sotto bombed at the box office so of course they were just gonna dump it on disk.  And Love and Death is from Cinekult, who has been releasing a shitload of gialli without any subtitles (even when subs are available on bootlegs from such sites as and ).  I might pick up another non-English friendly movie and make a mini-marathon of it, seeing if I can appreciate them without knowing what on earth they're saying (I only speak an Italian dialect known as Pasta).

Let's see what else is out there for me...


Monday, August 6, 2012

Back from the professor...

Boy am I tired.

Long day.  Long long long day.

I had my meeting with my professor regarding my script.  I still have a way to go before this bad boy would be ready to send out.  Which I completely understand and freely admit.  During the discussion, I think I dawned on why this script was so hard.  This one feels like a sequel to an unwritten original.  It has all sorts of concepts that are in place in my mind, but there is no room to establish them.  I need to write a first story that plants these concepts.

While we talked, I figured out the basic storyline and how I could establish these ideas.  And I already thought of how a Proxy 2 would have worked out.  Do I smell a trilogy?  Maybe...

Anyhow, I got a B for the course.  Not bad, considering how I struggled with this script.

On another note, I just released my first line of fabrics for sale on  If you have any sewing needs, check these out.

Okay.  I'm gonna relax.