Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An actual update?

Hmm...Let's see...

Still no word from Screamfest regarding Orchid.  I think they don't announce until after the fest is actually over.

But...I do have some other stuff.

My Screenwriting professor asked me last week how Orchid was doing in the contests, and when I told him it wasn't going well, he offered to read my latest draft.  Well, I asked him and he said "I'm not reading much right now..."  I kinda volunteered it for him.  But I would have taken "No" for an answer if he were busy.

On Monday, he walked up to me before class (he's my American Film History professor) with a printed copy.  He actually printed it out and made notes.

Some very good feedback, this time.

Since turning Orchid into the contest, I've felt that Gia was a bit too passive.  He picked up on that, and came up with some good ideas regarding how to make her more active in her destiny.

He also pointed something out that I didn't notice.  After the first two murder scenes, which are spectacular set pieces, the next few death scenes are more low key.  Heck, one is literally bloodless.  The death scenes should be getting grander in scale as they progress.  And he made some really cool suggestions regarding the final confrontation.  All involving more violence.  Hey, any advice that involves ADDING gore is always good.

He also said my visual motif is very strong in the beginning, regarding flowers and velvet popping up everywhere, but by the end, it fades away.  He's totally right.  Probably stems from the fact that I wrote the last 56 pages in 4 days.  So busy moving the plot forward that nuances kinda take a backseat.

So I've taken these all into account and think I know how to improve things.  Too bad I got so much crap on my plate this semester.  When class lets out, I'll spend my non-working-in-retail time revisiting my baby.

Cool thing is, with this feedback, I think I FINALLY know how to nail my ending down the way I want it.

I oughta take some notes down so when I get a chance to go back, I'll know what to do without having to search too hard in my warped little mind.  Because by then, I'll be fatigued from looking for TVs and keeping my hands off idiot customers.

Also, in semi-giallo related news, I think I know what my next assignment will be in American Film History class.

We have to do two "Film Series."  Where we watch 3-5 movies of a certain type and analyze them.  I am working on the first one right now: American Silent Horrors, which I notice tend to revolve around an "outsider," a freak who doesn't get the girl and dies tragically.

I think my second series will be American attempts at the giallo.  The late 80's-mid 90's are full of these: Basic Instinct, Sliver, Final Analysis, Color of Night, Sea of Love, Knight Moves, Jennifer 8...Plus, lotsa nudity.  That should keep me awake.  I might throw in Basic Instinct 2 just for a good laugh.

Okay.  I'm about to head to class.  I have a Quiz in Production Technology.  Then we're watching The Thin Man in Film History.  I hope it's good.  I contemplated going home and going back to bed after the quiz, but I need the 11 points for showing up to this screening.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ah, Fall Semester...

Always fun.

This semester is shaping up to be pretty busy.

At least we're making a Film Noir for our TV production class.  When I submitted my script, I added my own little giallo twist, of course.  Needless to say, I didn't get chosen to write that episode...

So things will be tight regarding movie time.

The only movies I have time to watch are for class assignments.  And I can only watch American movies.  Like right now, I gotta watch Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom of the Opera, The Unknown, and The Man Who Laughs for a film series.

Maybe my second film series will be American attempts at gialli: Basic Instinct, just about any Brian de Palma movie, Color of Night, etc.

I also wanna go through my collection and write down exactly how many gialli I have.  That'll be fun.


So, if you'll excuse me, I have a set strike to attend.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orchid didn't make it into the New Orleans Horror Film Festival.

Stinks.  But maybe it just isn't ready yet.

Next big amount of $$ I get I'll probably get some coverage or something.  I've been so embroiled in the script that it's probably hard for me to see the flaws.  It's my little giallo baby and as its mommy I think it's perfect. :)

Well, onward and upward.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Way!

They made a sequel to Nothing Underneath!  And I didn't know anything about it.

No, not Too Beautiful To Die.  I know the story behind that.

This one is called Sotto il Vestito Ninente, L'ultima Sfilata (Nothing Under The Dress: The Last Parade).

Apparently it came out in Italy earlier this year and is by the same dude who directed the original: Carlo Vanzina.

The DVD is coming out in Italy this Wednesday, but, alas, it's Italian only.  That really really sucks, considering my knowledge of the language is limited to giallo titles and the menu at the Olive Garden.

I saw the trailer on Youtube and it looks pretty freakin' sweet!  Someone needs to subtitle this and send it my way.

Okay.  I gotta head to work.