Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Way!

They made a sequel to Nothing Underneath!  And I didn't know anything about it.

No, not Too Beautiful To Die.  I know the story behind that.

This one is called Sotto il Vestito Ninente, L'ultima Sfilata (Nothing Under The Dress: The Last Parade).

Apparently it came out in Italy earlier this year and is by the same dude who directed the original: Carlo Vanzina.

The DVD is coming out in Italy this Wednesday, but, alas, it's Italian only.  That really really sucks, considering my knowledge of the language is limited to giallo titles and the menu at the Olive Garden.

I saw the trailer on Youtube and it looks pretty freakin' sweet!  Someone needs to subtitle this and send it my way.

Okay.  I gotta head to work.



  1. I'm really half tempted to buy it anyway even though it isn't English friendly...