Monday, December 19, 2011

This semester is officially OVER!

Holy crap.  This was a tough one.

I say that every semester.  But this time, I mean it.  Two film series (one I may post on here), an eight-page research paper completed over the course of three days from conception to completion, 40+ shop hours, learning all about lighting a film, and the production of a web series.  All while working in retail and not murdering anybody.

I got my last grade today.  Let's see...

Lighting for Stage and Film: B
Introduction to Production Technology: B
TV Production: A-
American Film History: A

Dunno how TV Production constitutes an A-, since I got a 94%.  But whatever.  It's not keeping me from graduation.  And every time I think of mentioning it to the professor, I think of that scene in Welcome to the Dollhouse where Dawn has to face the class and talk about "grade-grubbing."

All in all, a 3.425!  My lowest GPA since starting at ODU, but it's still pretty damn good.  Especially considering how hard this semester was.

In the next couple days, I'm gonna take a day to do nothing but watch gialli.  Death Carries a Cane and the Blu Ray of Torso are sitting next to my player.

Christmas is six days away.  Got your shopping done?  I do!

Just hoping I got a giallo or two in my stocking.  Or a gift certificate to  Or money.

Okay.  Gonna relax a bit for the night.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Spending all day tomorrow working on my two (?) final projects for Lighting class.  Then there's also a test for that class on Thursday.

Then Friday, it'll be the American Film History final.


I say this every semester, but this is the most demanding semester I have ever had.  But it has also been the most fun.  I've managed to come out of my shell and have made a lot of cool friends.  It makes me look forward to next semester.

BTW, I had an ultrasound on my leg last week.  I didn't tear anything.  I do have a couple of blood clots underneath the skin, but they're not in the veins, so they won't travel to my lungs or my brain or anything.

And the big honking knot?  Just a big ass bruise.  I got lucky.

Half tempted to unwind with a giallo tonight.  After all, I gotta work my ass off tomorrow.  If so, what'll it be?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Christmas Watch List

This is one tough-ass semester.  Everything's piling up.

I have a 2500-word research paper due Friday that I haven't even started.  A final edit for my TV Production episode due Tuesday.  Another short film for Lighting that I haven't even started yet, and a light plot for the same class.  And a painting for Production Tech.

Hence the lack of giallo-watching.

Then on top of it, on Black Friday, I fell through a floorboard on my deck and royally fucked up my leg.  Nothing's broken, but the hospital didn't have an MRI.  So I dunno if I tore anything.  I think I did, because the side of my knee is hard as a rock and it still hurts.  Missed a crap ton of work, too.

So I WAS planning on going to the gym during break.  But with this new development, I doubt that'll be possible.  Unless I grab a personal trainer and find out some things I can do that won't bother my leg.

Anyhow, I think on my days off I'll probably spend them catching up on my "purchased but unwatched" collection.  You know, those movies I bought but haven't had time to see.

I just piled a whole bunch on my book shelf for the occasion.  Here's what I have:

Taxi Driver (not a giallo, but I'm still mad at myself for never having seen it)
Death Carries a Cane
Human Cobras
Erotic Games in a Respectable Family
The Seducers
Love Me Strangely
Spirits of Death
Amer (watched first 40 minutes, loved it, but had to get some sleep)
Phantom of Death
The Girl From Cortina
Bloodbath in the House of Knives
Torso (Blu Ray)

I doubt I'll watch all of them.  I will still have to work.  And I can't really spend all Christmas day holed up in my room...or can I?

Anyhow, I'm gonna fart around a bit before getting ready for work.  Hopefully I can stand/walk for the whole shift...