Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Spending all day tomorrow working on my two (?) final projects for Lighting class.  Then there's also a test for that class on Thursday.

Then Friday, it'll be the American Film History final.


I say this every semester, but this is the most demanding semester I have ever had.  But it has also been the most fun.  I've managed to come out of my shell and have made a lot of cool friends.  It makes me look forward to next semester.

BTW, I had an ultrasound on my leg last week.  I didn't tear anything.  I do have a couple of blood clots underneath the skin, but they're not in the veins, so they won't travel to my lungs or my brain or anything.

And the big honking knot?  Just a big ass bruise.  I got lucky.

Half tempted to unwind with a giallo tonight.  After all, I gotta work my ass off tomorrow.  If so, what'll it be?


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