Monday, December 19, 2011

This semester is officially OVER!

Holy crap.  This was a tough one.

I say that every semester.  But this time, I mean it.  Two film series (one I may post on here), an eight-page research paper completed over the course of three days from conception to completion, 40+ shop hours, learning all about lighting a film, and the production of a web series.  All while working in retail and not murdering anybody.

I got my last grade today.  Let's see...

Lighting for Stage and Film: B
Introduction to Production Technology: B
TV Production: A-
American Film History: A

Dunno how TV Production constitutes an A-, since I got a 94%.  But whatever.  It's not keeping me from graduation.  And every time I think of mentioning it to the professor, I think of that scene in Welcome to the Dollhouse where Dawn has to face the class and talk about "grade-grubbing."

All in all, a 3.425!  My lowest GPA since starting at ODU, but it's still pretty damn good.  Especially considering how hard this semester was.

In the next couple days, I'm gonna take a day to do nothing but watch gialli.  Death Carries a Cane and the Blu Ray of Torso are sitting next to my player.

Christmas is six days away.  Got your shopping done?  I do!

Just hoping I got a giallo or two in my stocking.  Or a gift certificate to  Or money.

Okay.  Gonna relax a bit for the night.


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