Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

Happy New Year, y'all!

This has been a Winter Break without the Break.

Once school ended, I got thrust into work and the Christmas holiday.  Luckily most of the customers were relatively cool this year.  The idiocy didn't come around until after Christmas day.

Then I got offered the head writing job for the ODU Film Society project we're doing next semester.  So my non-work time got spent on working on that.  I finished the treatment on New Year's Eve.  With one half hour to spare of 2011...

Thus explaining my lack of giallo watching.  And giallo posting.  And working on Orchid.

I've only watched one giallo this break.  Death Carries a Cane.  Had its moments, but I couldn't stay 100% invested in it.

My giallo buying might change as well.

I was going to spend my Christmas money on gialli, but only bought three: New York Ripper, and preorders of Strip Nude For Your Killer on Blu Ray and the Shameless Blu Ray of Four Flies on Gray Velvet.  The rest, I spent on workout clothing.  At one point I had lost 65 pounds.  I gained 50 back over the past year and a half.

So I am going to go back to the gym.  That, plus craploads of gift certificates for Tropical Smoothie and Subway, and I am going to lose this weight again.

And it's not a resolution.  Those things break.

Anyhow, my cousin came up with a great idea.  I can come up with a series of weight loss goals.  And every time I hit a goal, I can buy a giallo to reward myself.  Unlike past rewards, which usually involved food.

I like this idea.  Of course, if any Dario Argento movies come out on Blu Ray, or if Case of the Bloody Iris comes to Blu Ray, I'll buy those anyway.  Non negotiable.  But anything else, only if I lose this poundage.

I'm thinking maybe every ten pounds.  What do you think?


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