Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy crap, it's been long...

Honestly didn't mean to take so long to write on here.  Just been busy.  Like, really busy.

So, Halloween was nice.  Totally forgot what I watched, since it's been so long.  But I do know I bridged the gap between Halloween and Christmas by watching the "All Through The House" episode of Tales From The Crypt the next morning.

Black Friday was...well...busy.  I'm getting too old for this shit.  I hope I can get a job where I can either sleep in on Black Friday, or just avoid shopping all together.  However, I spent my entire post Black Friday check on Christmas presents.  Seriously, where did the $$$ go?  Though I did buy myself a couple things: Giallo Scrapbook 1, and copies of Scorpion's Kiss and Obsession: A Taste For Fear (which I know I am not allowed to like but feel I will love).

And in other great news, I entered Orchid into a contest last month.  I wasn't expecting to place or anything.  I entered mainly to get the judges' feedback form, so I could get more insight on how to improve it.



I got 2nd place!

Holy crap!  Like, holy freakin' crap!  2nd place!

And it wasn't even a horror/thriller contest.  It was all genres.  That has made my week.

Still haven't gotten the judges' feedback form, but my name is on the website.  Check it out: www.writemovies.com

Okay.  Watching TV.  Relaxing as much as I can between retail bouts.