Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italia's Next Chopped Model Week! Day 10: Interrabang

Love the title.  It comes from a punctuation that never really took off.  It's a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark.

The film revolves around Fabrizio and three women: his wife Anna and two models, Valeria and Marguerite.  They take a boat to an island in order to take a fashion shoot.  And what a photo shoot it is...bikinis, swirly psychedelic fabrics, and one nude shoot.  Mmm...

Anyhow, when they try to leave, they realize they're out of fuel.  So sleazebag Fabrizio leaves the ladies to their own devices and hops a ride on another boat to get fuel.  Never mind that there are radio reports of a convict running around the islands...AMFYOYO.

By the way, AMFYOYO stands for Adios, Mother Fucker, You're On Your Own.

But the women end up not being alone.  There's a handsome drifter named Marco hanging around the island.  And seducing the women quite quickly--seriously, this movie takes place over the course of a couple hours.  I wanna hang with him and pick up some of his swagger.

There's also a dead body laying around.  Two of the three ladies find it, but it disappears before Anna can catch a glimpse.

Beautiful locations, beautiful women, and beautiful photography are the highlights of this twisty thriller.  The entire movie takes place on an island or on a boat, with crystal blue waters and clear skies.  The camera also gazes longingly on the females as they lay in the sun or go through multiple costume changes.  A good portion of the film is pure eye candy.

As for the mystery itself, it's kinda hard for me to gauge.  I think the giallo fast I took before this month made me a bit more gullible.  I kinda fell for the twists at the end.  Not necessarily jaw-on-the-floor, but I was surprised.

All in all, Interrabang was a pleasant way to kill 90 minutes.  Pretty ladies on a beach in 60's fashions...what's not to love?


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