Saturday, May 15, 2010

The People Have Spoken!

So tomorrow is G-Day.  After all this planning, it's about to begin.

I'm happy that things are gonna start, but at the same time, I'm gonna be kinda sad.  My Dad leaves for Iowa in the morning.  The time he's here always goes by so fast.  I feel like he was hardly here.  ::sad emoticon of some type::

Anyhow, back to tomorrow evening.

I've been tracking the poll since the very start, eager to see what everybody has been voting for.  Some people who voted told me they were completely unaware of any of these movies.  So they went just by title.  Always interesting.  For a while, it was tied between two movies.  Then tied three-ways.  But in the eleventh hour, a winner emerged.

And my first giallo of the month will be...


In an outstanding come-from-behind underdog victory, Libido won the distinguishment of being the party starter.

When the poll was first posted, the other three candidates instantly got votes.  Libido didn't get any votes for a while.  One day I check out the results and it's suddenly tied for first.  It wasn't until earlier today when Zach placed the vote that broke the tie and declared the winner.

As tempted as I was, I didn't cast a vote.  I wanted to leave it completely up to you.  I only would have voted in case of a tie.

So here's the plan for tomorrow.

Drop Dad off at the airport.

Go back to BED.

Clean things up a bit around my squalid bedroom before Mommie Dearest chases me with a wire hanger.

Watch Survivor.  Yes, I do still watch it.  Maybe I'll crack open one of my Jack Daniel's mini-bottles during the final tribal council.

Once the Reunion is over, pop in Libido.  And finish the Jack.

Considering things oughta be over at, like, 1:00 AM or so, I doubt I'll be awake or sober enough to form coherent thoughts on a keyboard.  For someone who's half Scotch-Irish, I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.  So instead I may post the experience first thing in the morning.  Either way, those of you nice people who are following this blog will hear about it the moment it happens.

Then I'll dive into Day 2, which I do already have planned.

So thank you for participating in the poll, and for checking out Italian Lemonade thus far.

Okay.  Going to bed.  Good night.


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