Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 27: The Weapon, The Hour, and The Motive

The home stretch, ladies and gents.

I noticed something tonight.  Murderous priests are a staple of gialli, yet this month I haven't yet watched one giallo which reveals the killer to be a priest.

Well, this one continues the trend.  The killer in this one isn't a priest.  Rather, the first victim is a priest.

Don Giorgio is a young priest who has been carrying on affairs with two women: Guilia and Orchidea.  Consumed by guilt, Don Giorgio punishes himself by whipping himself at night.  He finally can't take it anymore and makes a decision to end one of the affairs.

Not long after, Don Giorgio turns up dead in the church.  The nuns move his body, tampering with the scene.

All the while, a young boy who is being cared for by the nuns, knows more than he's been letting on.

The Weapon, The Hour, and The Motive is truly a slow burn giallo.  The story unfolds deliberately, but in a manner that is always engrossing.  While those who prefer their gialli wild and crazy (Argentophiles and Fulci fans) will be let down, those who invest in the film will be greatly rewarded.

Truly a great find, and one I'm glad I finally got around to watching.



  1. I have this one too but haven't checked it out yet. Looking forward to it now though.

  2. Also a bit of nunsploitation. There's a scene where a bunch of nuns whip themselves till they pass out.