Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 20: Double Feature Part One: AAA Massaggiatrice Bella Presenza Offresi...

All apologies for missing last night.  I'll supply an explanation after finishing part two of tonight's double feature.

Anyhow, onto the first part: AAA Massaggiatrice Bella Presenza Offresi...

I am SO not retyping that title again.

AAA revolves around Christina, a young girl who decides to move away from home and be independent.  This irks her father, who works tirelessly to provide for her and feels like she doesn't appreciate him.

Christina decides to make ends meet as a "masseuse."  Um...yeah...Really, she's a call girl.  Her freshness on the circuit makes her a popular commodity, especially amongst creepy rich guys.  However, somebody starts killing her clients.

AAA is mostly a vehicle to showcase Paola Senatore's assets.  And when I say assets, I mean T&A.  Any movie with ample nudity gets a, I mean extra half star rating from me.

That said, AAA is actually a better giallo than its hard-to-find status would lead you to believe.  Yes, the production values are slight, and it's a good long while before the first murder takes place, but the film is a fun little time waster that I'm surprised hasn't been released on a legit DVD.  Other, lesser gialli have made their way to home video.  I'd love to see Mya get a hold of this.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take care of part two.


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