Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 24, Part 2: Black Sabbath, "The Telephone."

Okay.  My copy of The Room Next Door was a VHS-DVD copy.  About an hour or so in, the tracking got so screwy I couldn't watch it.  Eh, I don't think I missed much anyway.

Onto The Telephone.  Very simple story.  Rosy (Michele Mercier) comes home and starts to undress.  She gets a phone call from someone who wants to kill her.  She then hears about her ex, who has escaped from prison.  Of course, any logical person would call the police. But she decides to hide her valuables.  After repeated threats over the phone, she calls her friend to come over.

I dunno about you, but if someone threatened to kill me, I'd call the police.  But that's where suspension of disbelief comes in.

Anyhow, Mario Bava's touch is all throughout this segment.  The photography is gorgeous.  The story itself is short enough to not wear out its welcome.  Pretty good.

Maybe it's a good thing The Room Next Door got all busted.


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