Friday, July 6, 2012

Digesting, Decompressing, DONE...

I finished my second screenplay today.  Turned it into the professor.  Should hear back from him in the next few days.

This is the fabled sci-fi/giallo hybrid.

And my brain hurts.

This one ends on a completely different tangent than the original synopsis.  And ended up being less of a giallo than originally planned.  Really only two giallo-esque murders (both of which would turn me into the New King Of The Eyeball Gag.  FULCI LIVES!).  That said, I think it's enough of a giallo for fellow enthusiasts to catch.

A lot more dramatic than I expected.  Some really sad moments.  It's also the darkest thing I've ever written.  Like, really dark.  Who Saw Her Die looks like a comedy compared to this.

Well, now that I've turned everything in, I can now lift my "No Movie Watching" rule.  And guess what arrived yesterday...


I also ordered Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods, raising my total to 102.  The Cinekult DVD was on eBay, and I HAD to have it.  Sure, it isn't English friendly, but I've wanted this movie so badly since I read about it in Blood and Black Lace.

Hmm...which one should I watch?

Anyhow, I'm gonna decompress now.  Celebrated finishing my script with a big honkin' meal at East Side Pizza.  Now I need to rest a bit before an early bedtime.  Morning meeting tomorrow, then I have the rest of the day off...and trust me, I'm relaxing all day tomorrow.



  1. I'm sorry about The Prey. Great haul otherwise!

  2. Yeah. A couple days later I wished I had ordered The Mutilator instead. And now they have You'll Die At Midnight...

  3. The Prey has a great 30 second(ish) bit at the end. You hit a home run with this order! Can't wait to hear what you think. Mmm Murder Mansion.