Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My brain is overheated. I think I smell bacon.


Had my meeting with my professor regarding my first draft.

Still absorbing.

He said I have some good ideas with the sci-fi thing, but that I jump from one to another without a common thread or arc to unify them.  Which I totally get.  I feel the need to put in all these ideas for this expansive world in so few pages.  To put all these ideas in at once would require a novel.  Or a trilogy.

Told me to lose or completely retool the main story, which revolved around the murder of a little girl.  While I used this to initially blow up into a bigger thing, it didn't really fit.  Understandable.  But that part of the story was the emotional center for me.  I'll have to contemplate this.

Simplify the story.  Killer's motive is too complicated.  Keep it simple.

There wasn't nearly enough giallo for his liking.  It came in too late, too.  Make it more of a straight up giallo.  Said that's where I was in my element.  I totally agree with this.  I only have two giallo moments in the whole thing, and if I am to make it a sci-fi/giallo hybrid, I need more giallo.  It's like cowbell with leather gloves.

He also kind of suggested upping the sleaze factor.  Which I might do.  Though sometimes I already feel like Joe Eszterhas with nicer tits.

How am I gonna be able to do all this in two weeks?

I already came up with an idea for some of it.  I just need to sit down and think it through.

Where's my insulin pump that dispenses caffeine?


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