Saturday, July 21, 2012

Instead of doing what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing...

By the time I got off of work tonight, between the rain and the fatigue, I didn't get to editing Proxy/A Flash of White/Whatever it's gonna end up being called.

Instead I farted around.  And now I'm on the computer while listening to the love theme from Dracula 3D and watching Law and Order SVU.

This draft is due Friday.  Whatever am I gonna do?

Anyhow, I'm taking a mental break from that script and thinking about Orchid again.  I love the set pieces of that script.  I've been thinking about my idea to film it with Barbie dolls again.  Kind of a "if Todd Haynes did a giallo instead of Karen Carpenter's life story." thing.  Maybe a trailer.  Then maybe use that to expand to a 20 minute short (Indie Go Go?).

I've discussed it with my equally twisted sister, who has an extensive Barbie collection.  She's willing to make slutty Barbie clothes (and a trenchcoat?) for the cause.  I'd have to build a simple 1:6 scale set that could be easily redressed.  And I'd need a camera.  Which I need anyway.  And I'd have to learn how to do stop-motion.  Which was available at one point at school but now isn't (and I'm graduating anyway).

But I really kinda wanna do this.  It'd be fun.  Well, at least the end result would be fun.  I dunno.

Maybe it's just my mind wandering to avoid editing this other script.

What do you think?

Seriously, responses would be appreciated.



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