Friday, July 27, 2012

He merely abandons it...

No, I'm not quitting Italian Lemonade.  Just finishing a quote.  "No artist finishes his work, he merely abandons it..."

I finished my second draft of my screenplay for my independent study.

And...I...kinda...hate it.

Maybe it's just from having been involved in it all summer.  I dunno.

I rearranged a lot of it and changed the flow.  Took out some of the scenes, added new scenes.  The giallo elements are more consistent throughout.  In the previous draft, the giallo moments don't start until around page 50.  Now it starts in the 20's.  Added another death scene, too.

But I ended up cutting some of the more emotional scenes at the same time.  And where I had some scenes juxtaposed together for a specific reason, I had to separate them this time.

Maybe it's a better draft.  Maybe it isn't.  I don't know.  I think I'm just still on overload.

Downloading a couple movies I rented off iTunes.  It was storming really bad.  Now it's gotten better, but I'll have something to watch should the power go out.

Giallo tonight?


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