Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And he landed on the mattress with a sigh of relief...

The semester is officially over.

And I have not had any responsibility since Monday night.

And it feels GREAT.

Got my grades back.  Got an A in Directing, an A in 70's Film Genres, an A- in Acting for the Camera, and a B+in Production Design.  3.75 average.  Pretty damn good, if I may say so myself.

Of course, now I am mentally drained.  But not as drained as I was on Monday night.  I was barely able to string words together into a coherent sentence at work by the end of the night.

I'm caught up for the most part now, sleepwise.  But I still feel a nap coming on today.

So.  Onto the new giallo.  I've decided to compile some movies together and watch them for research.  Mainly darker gialli and cyberpunk/higher-concept sci-fi.  Hence wanting to revisit My Dear Killer.  Watched Strange Days last night.  Some great ideas, but muddled, IMHO.

Also sent for Enter The Void.  And might break down and watch The Matrix (even though it's White Rabbit stretched out to two hours or so).

I'm not well versed at all in sci-fi movies.  Can anyone recommend anything?

Also, can anybody recommend some good music for sci-fi writing?

Gonna start a couple brainstorm/sketch sessions this week.  This giallo is gonna rock.


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