Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm seeing the light...

This semester is ALMOST OVER!

About freaking time.

Every semester, I tell myself, "This is the hardest semester!  And next semester will be SO much easier!"  And then it's not.

My last day is Monday.  I turn in one project and present another.  Yes, my professor assigned TWO projects for the same day.  And a paper.  Which I just finished a half hour ago.

Then it's off to work on my giallo/sci-fi hybrid.

Monday after class, I'm treating myself to some Chipotle.  Then swinging by the Naro and picking up some movies.  Because my stupid ass proposed a film series assignment for my independent study.  And because I need to watch some anyway.

Think I'm gonna re-evaluate My Dear Killer.  I saw it once and hated it.  But looking back, I realized that I was really sleep deprived when I sat down to watch it and that may have soured my experience.  Plus it's super dark and I need to get to that place to write this script.

Okay.  20 minutes before I gotta start getting ready for work.  My head hurts.  Please let the idiots not come in tonight...


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