Friday, May 18, 2012


Have I already called myself a dumbass yet?  I'm too tired to roam through my archives.

My synopsis was due today.  A 2-4 page condensed edition of the story I want to tell over the summer.

And I kept putting it off.

And putting it off.

Until Wednesday, when I realized I needed to do something.  I got a page and a half done, then pretty much put it off again until today.

Wouldn't have been so bad if it had stayed a 2-4 page assignment.

But because I'm mixing sci-fi with giallo, I had to stop every couple paragraphs to explain what every new term meant.  This stretched it out.

And then I had to completely figure out the third act while I wrote it.  I knew who the killer was, and his motive, but I had to plant the seeds and everything.

So 2-4 pages eventually turned into 10.  And probably 8 of those were written in a four hour period.

I turned it in at 6 this evening.  I'm mentally exhausted, like I did three finals at once.

And to think I probably have to churn out 15 pages a week to make my first deadline of July 6.  I'm aiming for July 4, so I can spend July 5 with a bottle of wine and Italian food of some kind.

Still have no official title.  I'm calling it "Proxy" for now.  But last night I came up with the title Acid Rain and it's been floating around ever since.  I need to sleep and think about it some more...Maybe I'll post a logline and see if anyone can help me come up with a title.

Watching Machete now.  It's brainless entertainment.  I need brainless entertainment.

This is the part where I fish for support. :)


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