Friday, May 11, 2012

Decompression complete...I think

The only thinking I've been doing lately is work related.  And even that's been pretty sporadic.  But I needed some time to NOT think until summer classes started.

Spent a lot of time watching sci-fi movies for inspiration, however:  Strange Days, Robocop, Hardware, Enter The Void (not really a sci-fi per se, but a total mindfuck if there ever was one).  Now I think I'm about ready to start working on this script.  I have the main trajectory of the story in my head.  I have the killer's identity, too.  And tomorrow, I plan on having something down on paper regarding the concept/the invention it revolves around/how Detroit ended up the way I envision it in the script.

Well, not down on PAPER.  It'll be on my laptop.  Same difference.

I have a 2-4 page synopsis due next Friday.  And the first ten pages due two weeks after that.  And the first draft is due July 6th.  Because I'm a dumbass who likes to punish myself.

I guess I oughta get some sleep.  Work in the morning.  Maybe I'll fall asleep trying to conjure up a title that blends giallo and sci-fi.  Butterfly With Copper Wings?


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