Friday, July 29, 2011

Setting a date...

If I had known I'd end up with four days off in a row this week, I would have had my giallo-thon this week.

So here's the plan.

Tuesday night, I'm gonna watch the first movie y'all have chosen for me after work.  Unless it's Private Crimes.  That's six hours long.  And I clock out around 9:30.  That + late dinner = 5:00 AM bedtime.  Can I get a "Hell, No?"

Wednesday: Gym.  I'm totally fluffy.  You could paint me pink and call me Kirby.  Then while coming down from the testosterone high, the giallothon shall begin.

Thursday: More gialli.  Only to be broken up by Project Runway.

Friday: Gym, finishing off the giallothon.

Aiming low, with ten movies.  Because this is my first moviethon, and I've rarely been able to watch more than two movies a day, so this is already pushing it.

Okay.  I gotta clean things up a bit.  Before Mom goes all Annie Wilkes on me about my room.  Yes, I'm 27 and still at home.  But I'm in school.  I have an excuse.  :P


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