Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to the giallo grind...

Finished watching What Have You Done to Solange last night.

Even though I still had some problems with the whole knife-in-the-hoo-hah thing (as any well-adjusted person should), I was better able to appreciate this film the second time around.

I guess what turned me off the first time was mainly the killer's MO.  Unlike New York Ripper, I didn't know about it when I gave it a whirl, so I was thrown for a loop.  That, and at the tender age of 20, I still had a fragile little mind.

That said, now that I've seen it with new eyes, Solange is indeed one of the better gialli out there.  Beautifully photographed, expertly plotted, and armed with one of the greatest scores Ennio Morricone has ever produced.  Seriously.  I want that soundtrack.

Sometime before the summer ends (I guess classes start August 27), I need to do a mini giallo-thon.  However, I won't do a month-long thing like last year.  Mainly because I feel working on Orchid all last semester (really, all last year if you take into account the synopsis, character study, and treatment I had to do in Screenwriting I) more than makes up for it.  But also, I need to get back to the gym and my schedule is so wonky that adding a giallo a day would make me a recluse.  That, and Project Runway starts again soon.

I feel like having a giallo weekend.  Catching up on some of my ZDD purchases and Blue Underground Blu Rays.  Mixing old with new.

Let's see what I can get done.

Until then, does anybody have $60 I can have?  I was gonna say "borrow," but let's be honest...and it would be for a good cause...entering Orchid into another contest...


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