Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Completely Off Topic...

Okay.  Time for a little soapbox rant.

So Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

Since the verdict has been read, I've seen all sorts of posts on Facebook about it.  People saying she deserves to die, that she's going to Hell, that they hope someone does some vigilante justice, etc.

I personally don't agree with the verdict.  I believe she did it.  But it's out of my hands...actually, it was never in my hands.

Actually, it was never in any of our hands.

Acting like the judge, jury, and executioner is not going to solve anything.  Wishing her dead will not solve anything.  Sending Hell fire and damnation her way will not solve anything.  It'll just bring hatred into our hearts, which in the end, only hurts us.  And Caylee will still be gone.

I don't know how to feel, but I know how not to feel.  And I know that wishing ill will is not the way to go.

Okay.  I gotta go to bed.  Eye appointment tomorrow morning.  Then I'm off 'til Tuesday.  Maybe a mini-giallothon in between some much needed workouts?


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