Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fresh Eyes, Set Pieces, and Deadlines


I'm only on page 38.

This is due in ten days.


Luckily I have the next week and a half off from work.  When I'm not in school, I'll be writing.  Only taking breaks for eating, sleeping, and internet porn.

Went through a period of agonizing over the setting of the script.  My professor's words about changing it to a strip club made me paranoid.  Then again, everything makes me paranoid.  Especially pooping in the restroom at work...But that stems from many poop-at-work traumas I experienced working for Sears (two peeping toms, one stalker co-worker, and many dirty doors).

But I decided I'm keeping the setting the same.  My first professor LOVED the setting.  And I do, too.

Had a buddy read my treatment the other day to get a pair of fresh eyes.  He had some good notes.  Especially regarding disguising the killer's identity.  I will admit, though, I put extra blatant clues in the treatment to please the first professor after he read the synopsis and said it was a cheap surprise.

Also said the murders were a bit too varied.  I get that.

I did manage to finish another spectacular gory set piece last night.  One so spectacular that in the treatment, my first professor went so far as to leave notes on it saying it was "grisly and good."  This coming from a devout Mormon who was obviously uncomfortable whenever I tried to mention anything horror related in his class (He was my advisor last semester, too.  I'm halfway convinced he switched me to somebody else after I asked if Friday the 13th and similar slasher movies were exceptions to Robert McKee's Story structure.  He liked me, don't get me wrong, but I think I annoyed him a bit)...

Okay.  Less bloggy, more screenwritey...after class...


P.S.-NEW TIMBER TIMBRE!!!  Can't wait for this to hit my doorstep!

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