Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm on page 34.

About to get to the next big set piece.

Still gonna take a little break once this is done, though. I did buy Stage Fright with my birthday money, however.  It was only $8.

I'm feeling better about this script.  I've always loved the story, but I'm just so immersed in it that I can't wait to purge it out of my system.

If somebody would send me a bottle of J&B, I wouldn't mind.  Or maybe make me a Jack Daniels milkshake.

Okay.  Less blogging, more school work.  Off to Acting class to work on Commedia Dell'Arte.  Then revising my Short Script assignment (a 5-6 page script about a freakin' bowl).

I might stay late and work on Orchid until traffic dies down.  Get this mega-bloody death scene on paper (well, Final Draft).


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