Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before I hit the stage...

My first comedy performance in two months.  Wish me luck.

I'm burnt out.  Totally burnt out.  And I still have another six weeks or so for this semester.

Two more performances for Acting class.  Plus I gotta watch two more plays.  And write a 3-4 page paper on one of them.

Filming a PSA tomorrow for my Video Project class.  Then I have to edit it.  And work on my big project: a five minute short that "plays with the conventional narrative structure."

And Orchid is due on April 15.  And I'm on page 30.

And I still have another class to worry about.

Plus work.

Right now Orchid is my biggest worry.  I am so immersed in it that I'm sick of it.  I just wanna type it out, put a big pretty yellow bow on it, and move on.  I assume any big project eventually brings these feelings out in its creator at one point or another.

It's to the point where outside of Orchid, I don't even want anything to do with gialli right now.

Yes.  I said it.

I'm kind of over it right now.  Every time I close my eyes I see my characters.  Whenever I wake up, I worry about how to work the set pieces out.  The killer's look.  The setting.  Dialogue.  How to make everything tie in together.

Writing a giallo is actually harder than watching one every day for a month.

Once I finish Orchid, I may have to do the opposite of my Thirty Days of Giallo.  I may have to take 30 days AWAY from the genre I love so much.

Not because I hate gialli, but because I love the genre so much that I don't want to become permanently sick of it.

I might need to completely cleanse my palette.  Watch comedies and superhero movies.  Finally see The Dark Knight and The Social Network.  Catch up with the rest of the world.

Change my laptop background from Edwige Fenech to Julianna Guill.

Go back to the gym.  Eat more fiber.  Drink more water.

I dunno.  I'm sure every writer goes through this at some point.  Maybe talking to some of my comedian friends (who also write) will make me feel better.

I do want to say this, though.  If I do take a sabbatical, it won't be too long.  I will come back to you.  I promise.

Okay.  I'm gonna go now.  Showtime in 40 minutes.


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