Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before I head to class...

Today's my last class day before Spring Break.  Woo-hoo!

And I finally got my copy of Final Draft.  It took two weeks to tell me there were problems with the order, when they knew the whole time.  Ah, well.

Transferring Celtx to Final Draft is impossible.  So I'm gonna retype the first seven pages in Final Draft, because I don't wanna rip my hair out trying to reformat.  I just got my hair to a manageable length.  Don't wanna ruin it.

BTW, I just noticed that ZDD ( added a whole bunch of gialli.  Including some I'd never heard of.  And one I'd always wanted to see.  So guess what I'm gonna buy when my taxes come back...(I'll at least be getting Erotic Games of a Respectable Family and Skin Under the Claws).

Also, on the subject of ZDD, they rule.  There was a problem with one of my orders, and they gladly sent it again.  Then the first one arrived.  They are letting me keep both orders.  Now I can give some away to friends and introduce them to my obsession.  Thanks, ZDD!

I find it kind of ironic that people tell me to write what I know...and I write about murder and fucking.  I've done neither.  LOL.

Well, I guess I oughta head to class.  Acting, then Video Project.  Gotta watch a play tonight.  Maybe I'll sit down with Killer Reserved Nine Seats when I get home.



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