Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running on fumes...and caffeine...and other stuff...

What is it about the end of the semester?  I end up tired, irritable, gaining weight...

It's finally starting to wind down, however.

I have two papers to write for Acting.  I could probably churn both out tomorrow.  One of them revolves around a play I have to watch tonight (2nd Thursday in a row I had to buy a ticket and watch a show).  And I have a monologue.  Somehow I figured a way to play a Moliere character like a country bumpkin.

Revision for Short Script.  Due Tuesday.  Will work on it on Sunday.

Final edit of my Video Project.  Doing a series of still shots leading to the image of someone who has committed suicide.  Figured out how to play music backwards on Final Cut, so I reversed Moonlight Sonata to score it.  I wanna record some voice overs, but didn't get to do that for the rough cut.

And I have to evaluate a classmate's screenplay.  More worried about him evaluating mine.  He wrote what looks like a courtroom drama.  And here I am writing death scenes that even Fulci hasn't attempted.  Feeling a bit cheated because he wrote 79 pages, but I was told to aim for 100 on mine...

My professor has already read Orchid.  Hasn't given me much feedback yet.  Probably waiting to finish reading all of them, first.  Dammit, why did I have to be the first one to turn it in?  Now that I know he'd read it, I wanna know what he thinks.  I'm all OCD that way.  I'm the person who checks my grades every five minutes the morning after taking my final.

Can't wait to get this semester over with.  Love my classes, but I'll also be glad to see Summer Break.  More hours at work, more time to work out, and more time to do that comedy voodoo I do so well.

BTW, the more I listen to Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Kiss in the Dreamhouse," the more I love it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to relax a bit before class at 3.  I think we're gonna watch rough cuts.  Hope mine doesn't get ripped to shreds.


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