Thursday, April 14, 2011

That End-Of-The-Semester Brain Fry...

Ah, yes.

Ever see Hannibal?

Remember the dinner scene?

I feel like Ray Liotta.

Feeling a strange post-partem depression, having turned Orchid in on Tuesday.  I'll meet my professor in about two weeks regarding it.  And since we get to evaluate each other's work, another student will read it, too.  Now THAT one will be interesting...Really interesting...

For the most part I really only have two classes to majorly worry about: Acting and Video Project.

In Acting, I have, like, three papers due in the same two week period.  One about the character I wanna play in a monologue (I can only choose from the works of Moliere).  One about a play I have to watch (gonna try to catch it tonight).  One about how I've grown in class.

Video Project shouldn't be too bad.  I have one big project left.  Have to make a short that "plays with conventional storytelling structure."  Checking the camera out tomorrow.  And I learned recently that I am incredibly adept at editing under time constraints.  The rough edit of my last project was finished in one hour and got good reviews.  Just need to figure out how to do voice over.

In Short Script, I just need to write another draft of an adaptation piece.  Same instructor as Video Project.  He said I'm a good student and I'm getting the hang of it.  So I must be doing something right.

Registered for classes today.  Got all the classes I wanted (needed), but my work schedule is gonna suffer.  I'm sure I'll figure something out.  But I'm taking Intro to Production Technology, Television Production, Lighting for Stage and Film, and American Film History.

It dawned on me after turning Orchid in...this is the first screenplay I've finished in 11 years.  Granted, it's a first draft, but still.  That's an accomplishment.  Darn it.

Gotta stop buying movies.  I also picked up Spider Labyrinth.  And my DVR is full of stuff.  And I think I'm gonna rent Hobo with a Shotgun.

Okay.  I'm rambling, now.

Heading to class.


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