Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Not a lot going on lately giallo-wise.

I made it to seven pounds.  Three more and I get to buy a giallo.

But I did manage to cash in my coins for an gift certificate.  Used it to get Drive In Delirium Volume 2.  It arrived today.  Looking through the Giallo-A-Go-Go section, I noticed there are only three movies on the list I haven't seen...Damn...

Though I am asking for gift certificates for for my birthday.  Birthday bucks don't count toward the weight loss thingy.

In class, we were given a play and we have to design the set, costumes, lighting, and sound.  The play is about a woman who has amnesia and forgets everything every time she wakes up.  I decided to stage the play through the main character's eyes and take a sensory overload approach.  And I went with the 60's.  A mix of mod and psychedelia.  Lots of mixed patterns.

Already finished the model.  Here's a pic.

Now we're onto the next unit, costumes.  I kinda went the extra mile and went to and actually designed my own fabrics for one character.  The swatches came in today.  Here's a peek.

Yeah.  I'm kinda proud.  I feel there's a giallo influence there.  But not overt.  It is a comedy, after all...

Okay.  It's Wednesday night.  My prime-time lineup starts at 8.  Gonna do some more costume research and then veg out in front of the TV.



  1. What titles are you looking at via Cinema de Bizarre?

  2. Thinking of Delitto D'Autore or Diary of an Erotic Murderess...or Crazy Desires of a Murderer...

  3. I have their copy of Delitto D'Autore. Luigi Pistilli action! They have a nice upgrade of The Corruption Of Chris Miller. Have you seen that?

  4. I've been eyeballing that, too. Hoping I get a gift certificate next week. I've gone down another pound, too...

  5. Good on ya, Justin! I highly recommend Chris Miller. My favorite Spanish giallo outside of Blue Eyes Of The Broken Doll. It's hard to beat Paul Naschy. There are some nice bits that are found in later slashers in Chris Miller. I've about wiped out all the gialli that Cinema de Bizarre has to offer. Not to turn your blog into a message board but what is your stance on poliziotteschi?

  6. Seen one or two. They're ok, but I prefer gialli.

  7. I thought it would be a hard transition. It wasn't.

  8. That model is awesome, duder. I can see George Hilton chilling...

  9. Thanks. The costume design project is due Friday. I gotta get cranking on it...