Thursday, February 9, 2012

Screw Valentine's Day.

I hate Valentine's Day.  Lame ass holiday.  An excuse for single people to feel bad and attached people to feel obligated to buy something.

I was gonna watch a giallo or two on Valentine's Night.  Or maybe Human Centipede 2.  But now I have to work that night.

I hope chocolates get recalled on the 15th for something that causes debilitating diarrhea.

I hope some Cabin Fever-infested hobo molests all the lingerie at Victoria's Secret.

I did have a joke about hoping birth control failed, too.  But it ended too dark.  Even for me.

Anyhow, at least Valentine's Day will be the day my first Film Series is due for 70's class.

My professor expected me to do gialli.  And I delivered.  But of course my stupid ass decided to challenge myself.

I'm doing gialli that criticize the Catholic church.

Don't Torture a Duckling, House with the Laughing Windows, Alice Sweet Alice (I call it an American giallo), and Killer Nun.

I barely see why Killer Nun has been classified as a giallo.  But its giallo elements are almost an afterthought.  And Anita Ekberg needed to really get naked.  Paola Morra was hot, but her browned teeth ruined it for me.  I mean, I have a jacked up grill, but if I had any brown on my teeth, I'd take out another student loan to fix that shit.

Rewatching Don't Torture a Duckling, I forgot how well crafted a film it really is.

On another note, I keep remembering old stories and treatments that I had ages ago.  You know, that went in the fire of 2000 with my computer.

Latest rediscovery is a treatment I had called Noir.  It was very Suspiria-Phenomena-batshit crazy like.  I might have to revisit it sometime soon.

Okay.  Gonna fart around and drink my smoothie while waiting for my 3:00 class.  We're watching Black Caesar.


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