Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thinking is Hard

So...I'm trying to work on this synopsis/character bio/whatever.

And I'm debating on something else, now.

For the sake of the class, and our understanding on the screenplay form, we have to choose one protagonist, and have the bulk of the story revolve around them.

Who exactly to choose?

I could go with the female lead, one of the most popular girls at a brothel.  Think Edwige Fenech in Case of the Bloody Iris...only instead of modeling, she sells sex.

Or I could go with the male lead, a detective assigned to investigate a series of murders involving girls who work in the brothel.  Only reference I can think of is Liam Cunningham in Card Player.  Only younger.

While I want this to be led by the female lead, I have a feeling the male lead is gonna be the more logical way to go for the story to propel forward.  But I think the female character is far more interesting.

I dunno.  Maybe a little sleep and a day at work, where I do my best daydreaming, will help.

In case my boss reads this, I'm just kidding.  I don't daydream at work.  I work diligently and sell like a pro.  My last name should be Credible.  Just say it aloud.  Justin Credible.  Dammit, I'm gonna make that catch.

Anyhow, off to bed.  Gotta start Halloween with a morning meeting.  Blah.


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