Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need Your Answer

This one may require Babel Fish translation.  I had to use it to write this question.

You're a hip film distributor and the year is 1970.

You just picked up a groovy little thriller from Italy by some guy whose name you can't pronounce.  All you know about him is right now he's making more money than Fellini in his home country.

The film revolves around "working girls" of a brothel getting killed by someone in a trench coat and fedora.

In its original language, the movie is called "L'orchidea con i petali di velluto"

The marketing guy tells you the literal translation is gonna be too long for theater marquees and posters.  You need something shorter yet still snazzy.

What do you name it?

I'll explain after I get your answers.



  1. The Velvet Orchid?

    (trimmed from the Bing translation of "The Orchid With Velvet Petals")


  2. Translation: The Orchid with Velvet Petals

    British Title: The Mad Slasher of Blood Street

    American Title: Don't Look in the Garden

    German Title: Das Sinnliche Brüste des Todes