Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updates and stuff

Still not dead.

So much has happened since my last blog post.  Where do I begin?

I participated in the 48 Hour Film Project with a team of my good friends.  We had two days to write, produce, and edit a short film.  I was the writer on my team, and our team won FOUR awards!  We got the Audience Award, Best Director, Best Actress (the super talented Ashley Skweres), and BEST FILM!  We're going to Filmapalooza in March.  So now I gotta slim down and look sexy for the big fest.

I've made it to the Quarterfinals for a few festivals with Orchid.  Fade In Awards, Writers on the Storm, Creative World Awards...

Two days ago, I got a phone call from Denise Gossett who runs the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival.  Orchid made the Quarterfinals!

Then today I got another message (my phone conveniently went out), and Denise let me know that I made SEMIFINALS!  I am so freaking excited!  My little giallo that could is doing so well!

Using this as fuel for my other projects.  I'm working on the romantic comedy, as well as getting things together for my own independent project.  Coming Distractions is gonna be my next passion project, a film made of faux-trailers.  Like Grindhouse.  It'll follow a movie theater screening and the audience while they watch all sorts of trailers while waiting for their movie to start.

I've set some money aside for a camera, but that'll go to traveling funds if Orchid makes the finals of Shriekfest.  Then once I get the romantic comedy finished, I'm gonna finish the script of Coming Distractions and start trying to raise funds.

Okay. I'm gonna enjoy this moment.


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