Saturday, August 31, 2013

Big hurdle

Well, I didn't make the finals of Shriekfest.  Ah, well.  It was great making the semis.  Shriekfest is a great festival.  And I WILL make it someday...That didn't sound too creepy did it?

Anyhow, since I didn't make it to Shriekfest this year, I decided to use the money to invest in Coming Distractions.  I bought a new camera, so that when I start gathering funds, I have a big part of it already.

Went with the T5i.  My professors recommended the T3i, and my photographer friend recommended the T4i because of the autofocus-in-film-mode.  My store doesn't carry the T4i, so I bumped up to T5i.

Now I just need $20,000...locations...actors...a sound guy...and a DP because I think I'd mess thing up if I did it myself...

Okay.  Time to relax.  I gotta get up at 5:45.  BLAH.


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