Monday, June 18, 2012



I wish I could say I'm working on my script.  But I've been slacking.  So now I have three weeks to write the rest of it.  BLAH.

But once I get it turned in, I have a lot more gialli coming in to decompress with.

I just made a couple of orders, and soon I will be the proud owner of...

101 gialli!

Let's see what all I've ordered...

Blind Date (Scandal In Black)
Strip Nude For Your Killer (Blu Ray)
Bloodstained Butterfly
Open Tomb, Empty Coffin
Death Haunts Monica
Pensione Paura
What Have They Done To Your Daughters?
Tropic of Cancer
Death Steps In The Dark
A Quiet Place To Kill
Murder Mansion

I've seen Bloodstained Butterfly (and owned it for a while, but it got mixed up with Dad's VHS tapes so it's a re-buy) and Strip Nude For Your Killer.  Everything else is brand new for me.  I also ordered a documentary about gialli, Dear Dead Delilah, and The Prey.  I dunno what The Prey is even about, but it's uncut.  And free.

Oh how I have fallen in love with  They're having a 20% off blowout sale.  Just type in BLOWOUT at checkout.  And for every 2 movies you buy, you get one FREE.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Ah, happy day...



  1. They're due to arrive tomorrow. Perfect timing, since my screenplay is due then, too.

    Speaking of which, gotta get back to it.