Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I've been going to ZDD Visual Media for quite some time now (www.zddvisualmedia.com).  I think I own, like, 30 DVDs from them.  Maybe more.  I lost count.

Anyhow, roaming the site again (15% off orders of 2 or more DVDs through May 8...damn work paying me on the 13th), I was reminded of how many movies had been "fansubbed," or subtitled by someone who doesn't have any affiliation with the film.

And the name that pops up the most is Merlin.

Many of the movies I've purchased from ZDD, it turns out, were subtitled by this Merlin guy.

So now I'm wondering...

Who is Merlin?  Does anybody know him?  Is he one person, or an elite group of ninja fansubbers?

And also, does he take requests?

For as long as I've had my copy of Blood and Black Lace by Adrian Luther Smith, I've been dying to see a little movie called Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei,  or Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods.

ZDD has it available, but only in Italian.  And my Italian is limited to giallo titles and the menu at the Olive Garden.  And I can't afford Rosetta Stone.

If there were a subtitled copy out there, I could finally have one of my most coveted gialli...and be like Gollum...with a thyroid problem and a sexier voice...

So, Merlin, if you're reading this...I'd really super appreciate it if you tackled this movie.  Like, REALLY appreciate it.  PLEASE...

I'll name my firstborn after you...unless the future Mrs. vetoes it...

And if anybody knows Merlin, please forward this blog his way.

Okay.  Off to bed.  Still awaiting grades from my classes to be posted...only Acting has been posted so far (B+!).


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