Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have you ever been so bored...

...that you sat around coming up with porno titles for famous movies?

Maybe it's just me.  I am incredibly perverted, after all.

Here's a few porno gialli titles I've come up with.

Reader Discretion is Advised

Bird with the Crystal Poonage
Cat O'Nine Inches
Four Thighs on Gray Velvet
Deep Head
Death Wanks at Midnight
The Night Evelyn Came On Her Grave
Pudd and Black Lace
Do You Like His Cock?
The Girl Who Blew Too Much
Twitch of the Pleasure Nerve (aka Bay of Lust, Last Ass from the Left part 2)
What Do You Want To Do To Solange?
Naked Girl Thrilled in the Park
New York Stripper

Came up with one for Interrabang, but it was too dirty even for me.  And I'm depraved.  Or at least that's what my scout master said.

Okay.  Fun time over.  I really need a mini-giallothon.  To restore my sanity.


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