Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Claus' Torture Session

Funny how working in retail takes all the fun out of Christmas.  Carolers become crazed madmen and sugar plums become projectile display boxes.  Finals pile up and the window of opportunity to go to the gym closes.

In other words, whenever I sing "It's the most wonderful time of year," I'm not happy.  I'm really being sarcastic and bitchy.

Also, whenever I'm on the clock and mention I'm looking for the "goodness gracious" remote/TV/accessory/whatever, "goodness gracious" is my code word for "mother fucking."  Just thought I'd throw an FYI.

One more week 'till Christmas.  Lemme just say it:  Buy your gifts now.  If you wait until Friday, then give me shit about how Christmas is ruined because something isn't in stock, I will pull out your intestines and use them to decorate my tree.

So...onto other things...

My original plan for Thursday/Friday kinda fell down the tubes.  I spent Thursday watching my niece.  So no gym.  And since she's four, it's probably not a good idea to show her any Video Nasty trailers (even I have my limits).  Then yesterday, I was just spent.  So I watched about an hour of the trailers.  With intros.  That dude who talked about Absurd really needs to know when to STFU.  He went on for, like, seven minutes talking about it.  I don't even think I spent seven minutes blogging about it.  Just shut your yap.

I got a 95 on my treatment for The Orchid With the Petals of Velvet.  Very happy.  He hasn't sent feedback, though.  I thought it would.  Maybe he's just waiting.  I dunno.

OK.  Off to relax a bit before jumping back into the warfare known as the Sunday before Christmas.


P.S.-Just got my grades back.  A- in Acting, A- in Voice, A- in Screenwriting, and an A in Intro to Digital Filmmaking.  Woo-hoo!  3.775!

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