Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting back on track...

Yes, I've digressed over my past few posts.  Je regrette.  Lo siento.

It's just once one final finishes, another one pops up.

So I'm gonna try to make it up to y'all.

Next week, finals are FINALLY gonna be over.  And then I have some plans that'll please fans of both my blogs (the other one is perrosexivo.blogspot.com).

Next Thursday will be my first full day off after finals.  And I am going to celebrate another semester without going postal by having a gym session to end all gym sessions.  No machine left behind.  Full force, total body workout.

Then that Friday, I'm gonna be in bed, cursing myself for being so stupid for having done as much as I did.  And watching Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide.  All of it.  All 72 trailers for every single Nasty to make the list.  It's supposed to be 7 1/2 hours of nothing but Nasty.

And maybe I'll finally get around to Cannibal Holocaust.  Yes, I do still have the Netflix disc of it.

Okay.  Gotta take the trash out, pee, and go to bed.  Meeting my partner for one of my acting finals tomorrow before work.


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