Friday, November 11, 2011

Passing time pre-shoot...

About to go to my shoot in an hour for the TV Production class.  This is lots of fun, but we're gonna be shooting outside.  In 37 degree weather.

So I'm all bundled up.  Bought an extra pair of sweatpants, too.  I needed them, anyway.

I'm pretty much finished watching all the movies of my American Neo-Giallo series.  Here's what I ended up with:

Basic Instinct
Color of Night
Jennifer 8 (though this one might not make the paper)
and Sliver.

Some observations while watching these movies:

Sharon Stone shaves.

Bruce Willis is circumsized.

Madeleine Stowe used to be hot.

Uma Thurman didn't always look like an alien.

I fully understand why Demi Moore was pissed after watching Color of Night.

William Baldwin needs to wax his ass.

Thrillers from the '90's were too blandly slick looking.

I wanna see Clash of the Titans to see if Jane March is still hot.

While the music is good in these films, none of these scores can hold a candle to Ennio, Bruno, Stelvio, or Goblin.

David Cronenberg should've directed Basic Instinct 2.

If you're gonna throw in a subplot about a girl getting touched in a no-no spot by her stepdad, don't tack it on at the end.

For Neo-Gialli, there were very few actual murder set pieces.

My next script idea is very similar to Blink.  I might still go through with it, but make it look like Blink if Dario got a hold of it with a red marker.

Sharon Stone would be way hotter if she weren't so delusional and stuck up.

I actually bought the theme song to Color of Night off iTunes.  "The Color of the Night" by Lauren Christy.  My new guilty pleasure.  It was nominated for both the Golden Globe for Best Song and the Razzie for Worst Song.

What happened to Tom Berenger?  And Madeleine Stowe for that matter...

Okay.  I'm off.  Crew call is in an hour.  When I finish the Film Series, I'll post it on here.  Unless the grade sucks.


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