Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Like my new graphic?  Just something temporary until I come up with something.

Until graduation, things are gonna be updated more sporadically.  Dunno if that's propar grammar or not.  My brain's fried from finishing my research paper.  Okay, it was only five paragraphs.  But still, it's 20% of my grade.  And if I turn it in by tomorrow morning and do well enough, I can be exempt from the final.

I'm gonna mention a few things about the upcoming Trenta Giorni di Giallo.

I'm still unsure as to the exact day I start it.  I want to do it on a day off, so I can devote time to the big launch.  Plus, I might buy a couple mini-bottles of J&B if I can find them (enough for two or three shots).  No drinky at worky.  That would not be good.  I can't hold my liquor well, and puking does not help sell TVs.

I won't necessarily do a big long review for each film.  I will do a write up about initial impressions, likes, dislikes, etc.  But not always in-depth.  I work part time, and I want to devote some time this summer to my standup comedy (YouTube me-Justin Kosch), which I have poorly neglected over the past school year.  Plus I need to get back in the workout habit.  Need to counteract all the laying in front of my TV.

Some movies will be tied in with something cool done that day.  Since I promised I'd buy myself a massage after this semester, I'll get it on a day that I watch a movie where a massage is featured.  It won't always cost me money, but there will be an activity tied in with a few movies.  If I watch Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire, maybe I'll try a ceviche.  Comment if you get that joke.

If some major event keeps me from being able to watch a movie one day, I WILL make it up on my next day off and make a double feature out of it.  I'll try to avoid it, but I can't predict the future.  Either way, 30 movies will be viewed in 30 days.  Darn it.

I'm going to keep my selections a secret.  Partially to keep things fresh.  I have a basic idea of what I will watch, but not necessarily which order everything will be in.

I will tell you it isn't gonna be straight Argento for, like, ten of the thirty days.  I am a diehard fan, but there's more to giallo than Dario.  Yes, he will be represented.  As will Bava.  Fulci and Martino may also make an appearance, but I'll make no guarantees.  I'll do some more famous gialli, but I'll also dig deep into the genre.  This will be a month with various flavors.

Most of all, I hope this blog piques some people's interest in the genre.  If I introduce one person to gialli through this monthlong marathon, I'll be happy.

And I hope everyone has fun reading this.  I'll try to keep things light throughout, while still showing my love for all things giallo.  After all, it's Italian Lemonade.  It oughta be refreshing.

Okay.  I'll let y'all go.



  1. don't get the reference, but look forward to learning.

    you should start thinking about capping off the 30 day project with a mini-festival or double feature.

    4 places that come to mind:

    37th and zen, chesapeake central library, bayside inn, the boot (for the italian theme)

  2. I thought about it, but I dunno how to get things started. I might finish it with a mini marathon at home. Then maybe I can go hat shopping with Hatton Jordan...

  3. You should send a list of titles to a totally unrelated person (like an aunt or uncle) who has never seen a giallo before and have them pick which title sounds the most interesting and start with that one.